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Set Quantity Restrictions in WooCommerce Store

The quantity restrictions can be set globally from the plugin setting dashboard or specifically on a single product edit screen.

From WooCommerce >> MIN MAX STEP Ctrl, you can set global restrictions rules for your online store as follows:

  • Minimum Quantitysingle/global: Users can’t add products to the cart without fulfilling the minimum quantity requirement.
  • Maximum Quantitysingle/global: Users can add products to the cart no more than maximum quantity.
  • Step Quantitysingle/global: Users are restricted to the step as you have set for your store e.g: 5, 10, 15, 20…
  • Default Quantity (Optional)single/global: You can set default quantity to a preferred one.
  • Choose CategoriesGlobal: You can also apply the above rules/restrictions to the selected categories.
  • Quantity Field Prefix/SuffixGlobal: You can also add any custom text or symbol before or after the quantity field.
  • Custom Error MessagesGlobal: You can also show the custom error validation messages.
  • Import/Export SettingsGlobal: All the settings for global restrictions could be export and import.

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